We have acquired and/or developed more than 5 million SF of institutional-quality retail real estate in the last five years.

Real Estate Investment Services: Delivering on Objectives

Client-centered acquisition, development, merchant banking, and strategic capital services enable us to align with our retail clients to deliver their objectives.

Created as retailer-driven service arms, Connected Acquisition Services and Connected Development Services not only advise retailers on their acquisition and development strategies, but assist with structuring investment joint ventures. Our Merchant Banking team in conjunction with Connected Capital, assists entrepreneurial and emerging growth retail and restaurant chains with operating expertise and sources of capital for their operations.

With unsurpassed knowledge and commitment, we align with our clients to optimize the value of their enterprise by partnering for success.


Connected Acquisition Services offers acquisition strategy advising and management, and advises its retail real estate clients and structures joint ventures to purchase retail investment properties.

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Connected Development Services: delivering retail-driven real estate development.

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Connected Capital Services offers merchant banking, and is involved in the due diligence, retail banking, and investment in retail operating companies.

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Connected Capital Services: Strategic Investment Opportunities: We work with the best private equity firms in the consumer space to identify and invest in fast growing retail companies.

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