Arlington Highlands East




Located in a retail market with exceptional potential, Arlington Highlands East was one of the most exciting entertainment, hospitality, and dining additions to the overall Arlington Highlands project. It is located at a major corner in the city and west bound off-ramp of Interstate 35.

One of the goals of the original Arlington Highlands development was to provide a unique, community-driven shopping destination for the citizens of Arlington and its visitors where they can “shop, dine, work, play and stay.” With a seven story lifestyle hotel, the Arlington Highlands East addition added the “stay” component of the project whereby the “play” component was completed with two high profile national entertainment anchors: Dave & Busters and Splittsville.

One of the original goals of Arlington Highlands was to provide a unique, community-driven shopping destination where visitors can “shop, dine, work, play and stay.” East accomplished that.

This phase brought fine dining restaurants, two additional park areas containing water features, and considerably more retail space offered in a lifestyle setting. It is important to note that the 80% pre-leased tenants in this project were new to the city of Arlington.

Arlington Highlands East Patio


Arlington Highlands East presented a number of challenges including land assemblage, an off-site detention facility, a zoning case, and TXDOT approvals as a result of its location. From an architectural standpoint, the need and desire to seamlessly connect the project to the adjacent Arlington Highlands development was a genuine challenge and needed creativity and expertise to execute without issue.

Arlington Highands East Opening


At completion, Arlington Highlands East consisted of approximately 160,000 SF and has an estimated value of over $60,000,000. The projected annual sales at Arlington Highlands East are in excess of $70,000,000, with the City portion approaching $2.5 million annually.