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Change is Not Just Important, it Mobilizes Us to be Better

Never has there been a greater impact on the retail market than the internet and mobile phones, and never has there been greater reward for harnessing the value of that impact.

Rating our First Ten Years a 10+

The celebration of our first ten years together as The Retail Connection has given us the opportunity to reflect on the enterprise that we have evolved into and all that we have ahead.

The Results of the Last Ten Years Say it All

We are extremely appreciative of their invaluable contributions, which have led to our exponential growth and add up to the enterprise that we have become.

The Front End of a Dynamic Cycle

We have accelerated from a period of stabilization and recovery to the front end of a dynamic cycle.

Nothing New on the Road to Success

The inefficient aspects of our business will remain our most valuable means of differentiating ourselves.
Village on the Parkway

Setting the Curve

The Retail Connection continues to raise the bar on ourselves as we invest in our infrastructure, with top talent, technology, research and related resources.

Retail in Reality, and in Real Time

Retail has always been a dynamic industry, as retailers must constantly adapt and many times reinvent themselves.

The Economy is Accelerating at a Steady Pace

Thanks to our collaborations with our retail clients, property owners, financial partners and governmental entities, we saw productivity across all of our lines of business.

Must Face It

The internet and social media have enabled information and ideas to flow freely and their influence on the economy, business world, commerce, and our daily lives is only going to increase.