Brandon Forsythe


Brandon Forsythe is a GIS Analyst at The Retail Connection in the Dallas office. He has been with The Retail Connection since 2004. 

Forsythe was asked to help start the research division for the Houston office upon its opening in 2007, adding valuable GIS and research capabilities to their stable.  He came back to the Dallas office in 2015, while he continuess assisting the research department.

He is skilled in many levels of GIS mapping, design, demographic research and other related applications and platforms.  In 2019, Forstyhe received the Building Block Award from TRC for all of his hard work.

Outside of TRC, he enjoys watching sports, movies, and playing chess.  When Forsythe isn’t winning at chess, he is spending time listening to his daughter play the violin and watching his son practice Ju-Jitsu.