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September 21 , 2015

 Great Co

Great Co's

Great companies are cognizant that everything is connected and cumulative. Connections are the cornerstone to accessing unique capacity that can effectively be leveraged into exponential results. Competition is invaluable, as it raises the bar, keeps you sharp, focused and challenges to peak performance. Any company that is competent enough to be considered a competitor is far more valuably considered a partner … converging the collective strength, exponentially leveraging the range of combinations that can be achieved. Such is the case with the Internet and stores, which have aligned and compounded their capacity, yielding omni-channel retailers providing the consumer a more accessible and enriched shopping experience. Coordinating all takes commitment, conviction and consideration; however, it clearly computes. Great counties realize the same, and there is no better example than in Dallas-Fort Worth, home to more than 10,000 corporate headquarters, including more than 20 of the largest companies in the country. And our corporate, community and state leaders have teamed-up to bring more than 100 companies into our counties over the last five years, generating approximately 30,000 new jobs. The value of collaborating is immense. However, it is even furthercompounded in inefficient marketplaces, like the $15 trillion commercial real estate industry—essentially the same size as the very efficient stock market—where co-brokering, co-developing, co-acquiring and co-investing and other well-coordinated cooperative efforts consistently lead to extraordinary accomplishments. As in competitive sports, where the collective strength achieved by the best coordinated team efforts lead to compelling results; confidently collaborating constructively with peercompanies, constantlycommingling the talent, expertise, andcontacts ofcollectiveco-workers, combines intocoolconsequences.
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