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April 29 , 2010

Dallas Business Journal Heavy Hitters 2011

April 29th, 2011

Dallas Business Journal

by Juan B. Elizondo, Jr.

Dallas Business Journal Heavy Hitters

Steve Lieberman, The Retail Connection

Starting Year: 1986

2010 Most Valuable Play: The most significant was completing my 100th deal with Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. Our fifteen transactions in 2010 brought my total number of deals with the company to 107 for more than 3.2 million square feet across the southwest.

2010 Team Highlights: Tremendous activity last year — in fact a record number of transactions — and what I consider most important: the shift from motion to progress, as the market continues toward stabilization and we continue to drive significant value for our clients.


Terry Syler, The Retail Connection

Starting Year: 1992

2010 Most Valuable Play: Top Golf on a ground lease at the Village of Allen with MGHerring Group.

2010 Team Highlights: The Retail Connection, as a whole, experienced a 41 percent increase in transactions during 2010. We feel this was due to a pickup in leasing activity and an overall landlord willingness to make more capital-intensive deals than in 2009. On the sales side, we saw increased activity as equity came back into the market looking for opportunities that appear to have greater long-term upside potential. Additionally, we saw numerous smaller deals transact that needed little or no financing, as the buyers were looking for higher-yield types of transactions in 2010.

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